The Waylanders is a new fantasy universe located between the celt and the medieval era

Enjoy the complete Waylanders experience with the videogame and the boardgame!

The  Waylanders videogame brings together the best of the classic RPGs, in a surprising mix with some innovative features that will blow your mind


  • A party RPG game, as you have always liked
  • An epic script, written by world class scriptwriters
  • Characters with six different basic classes and 30 advanced classes: customize your party and benefit from the abilities of each member.
  • Six races: fomorians, mourians, werewolves, humans… races inspired in real culture and mythology, adapted with an unique style to the videogame.

… and innovative

  • Travel through time, alternating between the celt and the medieval era.
  • Every decision counts. Every action in the Celtic period may alter de Medieval future
  • Innovative formation system. Gather together your characers as a unit to win powerful abilities and bonuses.
  • Tactical deepness. Block your enemies path with a guardian’s defensive formation and slaughter with your explorer’s arc. Use your warrior to take them down in a deathly trap set by the wizards. The formation and ability system will create hundreds of combinations for a single combat!

The Waylanders will be available on Steam in 2020

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