You are part of an expedition with the Celtic Brigantians. Leading by King Ith, negotiations are on their way to create an unprecedented alliance with the god-like Tuatha de Danaan, bringing a new era of peace to Europe.
But tradegy strikes.
The Waylanders is a party-based RPG inspired by beloved classics such as Dragon Age: Origins Neverwinter Nights 2 or Baldur’s Gate. Featuring innovative and tactical combat system, The Waylanders brings the legends of the Celtic cultures to life.
With 6 main classes, 30 advanced classes, and over 800 skills, you have many ways to create your hero.
The top-tier scriptwriters will let you experience an adventure never told in a video game before
Created by Gato Studio and Eclipse Editorial, The Waylanders  is their new competitive board game with tactical battles for 2-4 players.
Plan your strategy: pick 5 adventurers to build your team, choose wisely before each move, control the strongholds, complete objectives, defeat your opponents… and claim victory!
Each game will be different, offering an almost infinite array of possibilities. Enjoy each fight and become a true Waylander!

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