They knew meeting their gods would usher in a new era.
They didn’t think it would be like this.
When an encounter with the divine goes disastrously wrong, the Celtic world erupts into chaos. A flourishing, peaceful home to numerous races & peoples quickly descends into hatred, racism, religious descrimination, magick skepticism, and a brutal war for the throne.
You did not survive the initial battle unscathed- your confrontation with the Tuatha de Danaan left you untethered from time, an agent operating outside of fate.
Gather your allies, choose your allegiances, and delve into a fantasy world rich in history and lore you´ve never seen before.
By using your gift to time-travel between the Celtic and Medieval eras, you can shape not just the destiny of your character and your party… but all of Galicia.
Epic tactical combat, political intrigue, and passionate romance await you in The Waylanders!
Created by Gato Studio and Eclipse Editorial, The Waylanders  is their new competitive board game with tactical battles for 2-4 players.
Plan your strategy: pick 5 adventurers to build your team, choose wisely before each move, control the strongholds, complete objectives, defeat your opponents… and claim victory!
Each game will be different, offering an almost infinite array of possibilities. Enjoy each fight and become a true Waylander!

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